About Me

Dean Rogers began his career in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers. Dean soon realized that if he kept playing his health would be at stake. After walking away from the NFL, he has been in the real estate industry since 2013 leading him to building a successful business in California. Since then, Dean has flipped and wholesaled hundreds of houses and has a rental portfolio of eight figures. He is passionate about real estate and helping others learn how to build wealth and freedom.

In 2022, Dean created The Wholesaling Playbook to provide a resource for others that want to take their real estate investing business to the next level. The Playbook shows step by step proven systems and best practices that we are using in our active 7 Figure business.

What I Can Offer You

Welcome to the Dean Rogers Wholesale Playbook, the best place to source your next deal. In our community you’ll find other business owners, like you, who are serious about real estate investing and want to learn how to take things to the next level while being a part of a community.

Follow A Proven Playbook

A playbook is a collection of plays that are practiced repeatedly until they are mastered. It’s a staple of football. It’s how every team becomes successful.
The quickest way to success is to follow a proven playbook of someone who has already found what works.


Join a community of other investors. Relationships are key to grow your business. Get questions answered and support others and share your wins.


Turn your hustle into a real business. Learn how to scale your business to doing consist deals every month and build your team to get to the success and freedom you’ve always wanted.

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